July 5, 2022

Electric Shavers and Their Types


For the uninitiated, men’s grooming industry in India has presently gone way beyond the billion rupee mark. The figure is indeed staggering. A large chunk of it is attributed to men’s facial and head hair grooming. The pertinent question here is. “What changed so drastically”? If that is really the case, and it definitely is so, let us try and unravel some of the reasons.

In times gone by, grooming for men meant a soapy scrub to the face, a face cream thereafter, depending on the weather, combing down of facial hair if any, and of-course head hair, in whatever individual style one desired. There were a couple of set patterns on both fronts to emulate and try out. The options were however not too many and the requirement for it was also less.

Over time, man evolved further and in doing so, began to observe himself more closely. Realization dawned on him that a lot more could be done with the facial and head hair to alter his overall look completely, enhancing his persona and boosting his level of self-confidence. A fact is that he could try out different styles, without much ado. Alongside him, the definition of masculinity was also evolving.

The use of Razor

Man began to use the razor, as we know it, more creatively. Slowly the preconceived ideas of shaving began to dissipate, making room for more experimentation with the moustache and beard. The look had to be more in synch with ones’ personality and style. However, the actual act of style shaving was not as easy as it seemed. After all, the nicks and cuts, more often than not, were invariably there and the end result always left more for the asking. There seemed to be numerous obstacles having and enjoying a truly luxuries shaving feeling.

The art and pleasure of overall grooming, for any man, invariably begins with that close, clean and comfortable shave. Yes, and minus the unseemly nicks and cuts that are often the resultant factor. However, that, more often than not, doesn’t seem possible. Further, how do you know that the best shave you are having is really the best, unless you have tried something further. So the trials and tribulations in research and development for that perfect shaving experience carried on.

The Electric Shaver

Well, the worrying and guessing days are finally over and it is time to turn to the next chapter, “The finest and modern method and art of self-grooming and shaving”.

The finest of shaves begins with the kind of razor you use. Till now, the razors left plenty for the asking. Thankfully no more. The advent of the Electric Razor happened. However, the best part is that there are various types of Electric Razors to choose from. Depending on the individual likes and dislikes, these razors come with varying features, having various advantages, functions, and conveniences, fulfilling different requirements and needs. Let us now discuss some of the different types of razors in the market and their corresponding functions, which help to enrichen our shaving experience.



The Foil Shaver

Let us begin with the Foil Shaver. The top portion of this electric shaver, which comes in contact with your skin, consists of thin sheets of metal, having tiny holes called foils. Below the foils are blades which oscillate and cut the hair which enters through the tiny holes.

The technique of shaving with this razor, for the best results, is to run it left to right or up to down, as the head is rectangular in shape. The entire process of the shave is gentle on your skin and is also very effective for overall styling. It is especially useful in the case of persons having fine facial hair and precise shaving is done, as in the case of sideburns etc.

The Rotary Shaver

In the case of the Rotary Shaver, which is also electrically run, the foils are round, having blades underneath, which move in a circular motion. Because of this, you can move the razor in just about any direction, and therefore at a time, helps to cover larger areas and quickly. It also conveniently reaches areas which otherwise would be difficult to do so, like behind the head, legs etc. It is also convenient in cases of persons with brittle, coarse or thick hair.

To conclude, the choice made on the type of razor you buy, would depend on their features and functions mentioned and best suiting ones’ own facial attributes.

The Electric Trimmer and Shaver

Then came the saviour, the “Electric Trimmer and Shaver”. Both are hair removal devices. One soon realized this was in another league altogether. However one had to know the basic difference between the two, so as to be able to make a more informed choice. Now, let me try and explain the basic differences.

The Electric Trimmer

In order to attain the neatly shaped bearded look, the Trimmer is handier. The hair on ones beard can be cut evenly, using the adjustable blades and combs, which come in different sizes. One can trim ones facial hair in just about any style one desires.

However, the ultimate shave is not very smooth but the time spent on shaving reduces dramatically. The Trimmer is portable and easy to carry. The most convenient feature is, despite the speed with which it shaves, it leaves no nicks and cuts. In all, one can safely say, it is skin friendly.

The Electric Shaver

In the case of best electric shaver for women, the resultant shave is always a close one, invariably leaving ones face feeling soft. Large areas are covered by it, gently and yet fast. In this case too, despite the close shave, there are never any residual nicks and cuts anywhere.

These are just some of the many types of the best electric shavers in India freely available in the market today, just waiting to be bought, used and experienced. There is also a plethora of women’s Electric Shavers also suiting their every requirement conceivable. Ask any man or woman about the many benefits of the Electric Razors and probably they will tell you that there is nothing more fascinating to use, to pleasure oneself with, in achieving that ultimate shave.

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