July 14, 2020

Getting to the Decision Makers. Free Sales Webinar Set for July 16

Getting to the Decision Makers. Free Sales Webinar Set for July 16 webinar sales professionals sales coach decision makers

Braintree, MA, Jun 19, 2020 — Sales professionals, especially during the pandemic, face numerous challenges. Many C-level executives can say no. Few can say yes. Who would you prefer to talk with?

A free webinar set for Thursday, July 16, (timeframe) _____ will outline how to reach key decision makers. The complimentary online seminar will be led by Ken Cheo, CEO and Founder of Our Sales Coach, a Braintree, MA-based firm. Ken has more than two decades of helping sales professionals meet and exceed their goals. To RSVP for the free webinar, please click on https://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/eventReg?llr=miryb7bab&oeidk=a07eh5ghzcydec53c77.

COVID-19 has impacted most businesses. Many companies are still not fully open. In most cases things have slowed down and decisions on capital expenditures are on hold as companies evaluate the impact on revenue and profit.

Now it is time to execute on your rebound plan. As part of that strategy, you may be looking for better ways to generate leads, set meetings (virtually or in-person) and make sure those meetings end up in closed business. Getting to the decision maker is always an essential part. There is no better time than now when your customers and prospective customers are putting together their rebound plans. Decision makers are fully engaged on how they will increase revenue, reduce costs, improve efficiencies, or embark or offer new things to their existing customers.

Workshop participants will learn:

What markets should we be focusing on to get the best traction in the short term?
What will get the attention of the decision makers we want to be talking with?
How can I differentiate myself in a very competitive marketplace?
How can I develop a proactive prospecting plan to get more and better appointments?
What prospecting channels will develop the best results for me?
How can I warm up my cold calls?
How can I get and give more referrals?
How can I get them to make quicker decisions?
What can I do to make sure my leads and referrals close the type of business I want?

Our Sales Coach helps very capable professionals exceed their business development goals and reduce stress. Clients include service providers, business owners and select salespeople. Sales goals are guaranteed.  Our Sales coach develops a sales strategy and execute a sales process that makes sense for your business and provide coaching and training that ensures success.

To RSVP for the free webinar, please click on https://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/eventReg?llr=miryb7bab&oeidk=a07eh5ghzcydec53c77

For more information about Sales Training and Coaching specifically for women or other programs, visit OurSalesCoach.com or call (781) 930-3220.

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Getting to the Decision Makers. Free Sales Webinar Set for July 16 webinar sales professionals sales coach decision makers

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