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Barcode is the modern way of storing large information in a small set of lines. Modern technology (barcode) adds up their value in supply chain management system.

Barcodes developed by the Barcode Making Software that have contains many tools or features to easily create barcodes for your business use.

Segment of Implementing Barcode in Supply Chain Management System

Supply chain scheduling: It is an important aspect of supply chain management. Barcode works start after the packaging of product. It is planning to delivery of a product to their purchaser. In the supply chain scheduling we used barcode to schedule the task of every person which are part of supply chain from Manufacture Company to customer.

Product life cycle: It is not possible that everyone can present every location to know about the details of their product because raw material purchase from one location, manufacturing perform on different location and packaging or delivery have to another place. Through the barcode technology it is possible to tracking product location or details.

Order supervision: Barcodes makes easy to manage the order of customers and their requirements. It provides secure and accurate date with fast speed. They can connect several data points to the number, including the customer details, product details, weight, and still inconsistent data.

Maintain formalities: It helps to maintain all formalities of supply chain management such as: collection of customer receiving order, name and details of truck driver, delivery timing of the order.

Barcodes Becomes the Need of Supply Chain Management System         to Improve

Material handling: In the material handling it can be improving the quality of purchasing raw material .we can also track the product location and situation just by using barcode from our devices. All the information to handling the products helps damage.

Order completion: Barcode helps the customer to attend the order in their given location so that order or delivery of product can be complete on time with positive response. It removes the manual error of maintain the data related to product.

Tracking information: It is very easy to know about the product route by barcodes. We can easily check the product from production to customers.

  • Suppliers, how many products are supplied.
  • Manufactures, how many companies produce same product using which materials.
  • Wholesalers, in which quantity they are selling these products or to whom.
  • Transportation, we can manage the transportation of product in a very effortless manner using barcode technology.
  • Logistics provider, we can maintain the quality of material which we are purchasing to produce product. We can compare the cost and quality with others.
  • Retailers, in this field we can improve to maintain the records of product sale as well as stock in our inventory.
  • Customer’s, it is the last stage of the supply chain. Customer or user can get their product which they are purchase.

Benefits of Implementing Barcode in Supply Chain Management System

Prevent mistakes: Barcode can prevent the misuse of the customer information. We can get the all information regarding product (product ingredients, quantity, handling way, instruction) and customers (name, address, payment status). It is beneficial to save the time and cost also chance to lost data.

Keep inventory and customer safe: We can do our inventory up to date by using barcode to records the quantity of product. We can easily calculate the profit which can get by this product as well as demand. Customer also has the knowledge about package and delivery person so they can accept order.

Clear visibility into business: Barcode makes available clear visibility to each member of the supply chain management system to offer the every type of information with barcodes (some sets of bars and alphanumeric character).it gives much faster and easier way to maintain the supply chain management.

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