August 15, 2022

interPHOTO France to Showcase Global COVID19 Lockdown Photography


Brest, France, Jun 10, 2020 — Diverse photographic images created during the COVID-19 Lockdown, necessitated by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, will be showcased in a juried exhibition at the interPHOTO Online Gallery in August, 2020. Amateur and professional photographers from all countries of the world are therefore invited to submit their work by July 1, 2020. An international panel of judges will select the exhibition. Award winners and participants will receive prestigious certificates.

Based in Finistere, interPHOTO is an international project dedicated to providing opportunities for photographers from around the world to have their work evaluated by judges with stellar credentials in international photography. According to Professor Haig David-West, interPHOTO project director, the focus is on the fine art genre to enable photographers to explore a challenging picture of reality and express their emotions in specific circumstances. He added that the viewer will thereby be encouraged to encounter aesthetic moments closer to the artist’s perception. Black and white photographs are emphasized because the absence of color accentuates poetic feelings for greater aesthetic realization.

Prospectus for Lockdown in Black and White is available at For additional information, please contact interPHOTO executive director Christine Bourzicot at [email protected]

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