July 6, 2022

Public Relations Strategies Helps African American Businesses Boost Sales During Covid-19 Crisis by Maintaining Brand Awareness in Market Downturn


New York, NY, Aug 20, 2020 — Public Relations Strategies Give African American Businesses Boost During Covid-19 Crisis by maintaining brand awareness in market downturn.

It is no secret that business patterns of revenue generation often operate in cycles of ups and downs. It is for this reason that many small businesses are turning to public relations companies as they seek to reinvent their brand position in the marketplace during times of crisis.

Today WA Public Relations Company will be sharing the names of companies that are turning to the digital arena to position their business for future growth in today’s business climate.

ButterMEssentials A Natural Hair and Body Company Unveils New Look Online and launches “You Deserve To Be Buttered” Campaign – http://newyorktrendnyc.com/2020/08/03/natural-hair-and-body-company-buttermessentials-unveils-new-online-look-and-you-deserve-to-be-buttered-campaign/

Ideal School of Allied Health Care – Ideal School of Allied Health Care goal is to empower students to be successful in the health care field and to find rewarding employment that makes a difference in your life and the lives of others. https://isahc.com/ Ideal School of Allied Health Care is located in New York State in the county of Suffolk, New York.

Awesome Women on the Move “National Prayer Book” Praying for everything under the sun is an Amazon Bestseller in 3 separat categories – http://www.dcblack.com/amazon-hot-new-release-national-prayer-book-awesome-women-on-the-move-praying-for-everything-under-the-sun-published-by-tenaria-drummond-smith-receives-top-amazon-honors-in-3-separat/

Renee McRae – Poetic Motivations, LLC – Renee McRae, Poetic Motivator – http://www.reneemcrae.com

Jairrod A. Burch – Influencer, Expert Value Empowerment Speaker, Value Life Coach Specialist/Consultant & Author www.valueonpurpose.com

Lady J. Co – Lady J .co – Author. Mentor. “Bounce Back” Coach. Media Personality. Speaker. Business Coach. Entrepreneur. Community Servant recently launched online campaign on Google My Business.
Visit her website at http://www.ladyj.co

“Clients using professional service firms such as WA Public Relations Company get more value for their dollars spent vs. advertising.”

About WA Public Relations Company:
WA Public Relations Company is a small boutique public relations company which helps small businesses grow their brand presence in the marketplace.

Our company assists them by getting their business in print media, build website image, tv interviews, radio, and marketing materials such as business cards, brochures, letters, and special correspondences.

The small businesses can vary from unknown struggling authors, public speakers, professional service providers, restaurant owners, and photographers, etc.

WA Public Relations Company also provides administrative support in managing their social media across a variety of platforms using an integrated approach!

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WA Public Relations Company
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