Nike Joins with Athletes to Thank Frontline Healthcare Workers

In recognition of frontline healthcare workers combating COVID-19 around the world, Nike will partner with nonprofit Good360 in the United States and local organizations across Europe to donate more than 140,000 pieces of footwear, apparel and equipment globally.

The effort is led by messages of gratitude to healthcare professionals. From one athlete to another, Nike athletes recognize the physical and mental resilience of healthcare athletes.

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The global spread of the coronavirus during the first quarter of 2020 led to a significant number of store closures – both own- and partner-operated – and a pronounced traffic reduction within the remaining store fleet, with a corresponding negative impact on adidas’ top-line development.

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LC WAIKIKI – We produced 40 million masks per week

Carrying out its activities with the mission of “Everybody deserves to dress well”, LC Waikiki continues to support by producing 40 million masks per week to fulfill the emerging needs without profit making purpose, after granting 2.5 million masks to the Ministry of Health in terms of mobilization against the epidemic.

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Inditex is donating €8.5 million to Caritas to support social employment and circular economy initiatives in Spain

Inditex will donate €8.5 million to Caritas Spain during the next three years thus lending continuity to its employment programme for people at risk of social exclusion and providing further support for its clothing collection drive.

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