December 1, 2021

CEO Stories is Now Available for Purchase on Amazon


Prescott, AZ, Sep 16, 2020 — Calling all CEOs and business students! Author Michael Eastwood’s debut book, CEO Stories is now available for purchase on Amazon.

“Unfortunately, those who inherited these successful businesses were not cut out for the responsibilities that came with it. Soon these carefully built empires started to crumble under the mismanagement of their newly appointed CEOs (Children Employed by Owners).”

This fun and the light-hearted book contains compilations of short stories, passed down by generations of business owners and leaders. A perfect gift for current, retired or aspiring business executives.

Author Michael Eastwood has built progressive companies and management teams over the span of 24 years within numerous industries, along with 14 years of international business experience. Michael is the current CEO of Bello Sol Inc. and also provides business consulting and guest speaking opportunities.

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