September 20, 2021

Grinfer — the New Approach to Learning Online


Amsterdam — September 17, 2020

Grinfer, an Amsterdam-based team, is re-thinking the convenience of learning online. The e-learning platform enters the market with the all-in-one space for those who are into continuous self-education. 

Grinfer offers thousands of lessons from best-selling instructors like Paul Cline, Peter Hanley, Sorin Constantin, Codestars by Rob Percival, and many others — where they share skills, experience, shortcuts to success. In addition to hundreds of on-demand online courses, learners can book individual lessons with instructors, and get access to exclusive articles by practitioners that cover important professional questions. 

“We started out as a marketplace for self-paced courses but then realized that there is a large number of students who prefer 1-1 lessons. So we came up with face-to-face video calls. We want to help learners achieve their goals with maximum productivity and minimum wasted effort or budget,” says Valeria Kaya, CMO at Grinfer. 

Grinfer aims to make self-education easier. Organizing your learning becomes simple when you have all the tools at hand. That’s exactly what Grinfer does gives you everything for a convenient, continuous improvement,” adds Valeria Kaya.

Grinfer also believes its marketplace can help both learners and instructors worldwide. For learners, it’s a great place to learn new and sharpen existing skills the way that suits best whether it’s by watching online lessons, or by booking 1-1 sessions with a teacher. For instructors and tutors globally, it’s a convenient place for finding eager-to-learn students regardless of their geolocation. 

Meanwhile, Grinfer is privately held and backed by a mobile publishing company.

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