December 5, 2020

Live2Coursera: Coming Soon as a Zoom App

By Shravan Goli, Chief Product Officer, Coursera 

In August, we launched Live2Coursera to help instructors quickly move online by integrating Zoom lectures into their private courses and content libraries on Coursera. While this helped address the initial challenge of transitioning instruction online, internet connectivity and access to devices still impede learning for many students. 

Today, we’re excited to announce that Live2Coursera is coming soon to the Zoom application marketplace unveiled today at Zoomtopia. The free Live2Coursera Zapp helps reduce the digital divide in higher ed by offering flexible viewing and download options—instructors will be able to teach remotely with confidence, knowing that all of their students can access their lectures anytime, anywhere. 

Instructors can enable the Live2Coursera Zapp to easily record, share, and upload their Zoom lectures to Coursera. Students can view lecture recordings within Zoom or download recorded lectures from Coursera via mobile or PC in the format best suited to their bandwidth—high resolution video, low data video, or audio-only. 

Using the Live2Coursera Zapp:

Instructors can access the Live2Coursera for Zoom application (Zapp) directly in the Zoom environment.

Before recording, instructors should fill out the email and video title fields. Instructors can also check the box next to “Email video to everyone invited to this meeting” to automatically send an email to students containing a link to the recorded lecture on Coursera. 

Once instructors are ready to begin recording their lecture, they can click on “Start recording to Coursera.” After the lecture is finished, the video link can be shared directly with students via email or within Zoom.

In Zoom, learners can access “Recently added” videos and watch directly in Zoom.

Through the shareable URL, they can view the video online on Coursera or download it for offline viewing on mobile or PC. 

When downloading a lecture video, learners can choose from several download options, including high resolution video, low data video, or audio-only.  

We are excited to team up with Zoom to help instructors create inclusive and accessible online learning for all students.

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