September 26, 2020

Students and learners to benefit from the SAS and Macquarie University partnership

The Macquarie Business School at Macquarie University is proud to partner with global analytics leader SAS in offering SAS Certification as part of the Global MBA program. The Global MBA SAS Partnership includes the opportunity for professionals certified through the SAS Certified Specialist: Visual Business Analyst program to gain credit when studying for Macquarie University’s Global MBA through the Generate Insights unit.

Speaking at the signing of the partnership agreement, Associate Professor Lan Snell (Macquarie Business School’s Academic Program Director for the Global MBA) said, “We are proud to partner with SAS, one of the world’s leading enterprise analytics providers.” Professor Snell went on to observe that “the future of work and learning is about collaboration and building ecosystems to optimize the learning experience and student choice.” Speaking specifically about SAS, Snell noted that the organization “has a strong learning culture, and our partnership demonstrates this value.” Assessing the impact of the partnership, Snell stated that ,“co-creating curriculum”, thought leadership, and developing learning pathways for SAS workforce through the Global MBA are just some areas where we are creating values.”

Lynette Clunies-Ross, Region Vice President of SAS Australia and New Zealand, shared this enthusiasm stating that “SAS congratulates Macquarie Business School for the far-sighted concept and objectives of the Global MBA.” Clunies-Ross notes the timeliness of the partnership: “As highlighted by the 2018 Deloitte Millennial Survey—which found that 43 percent of millennials expect to change jobs within two years and 62 percent consider ‘gig’ careers viable—rising generations are increasingly seeking to equip themselves with the  skills they will need in the future, whatever careers they follow.”

Global MBA students interested in developing data analysis and technology skills have the opportunity to take the SAS Certified Specialist: Visual Business Analyst Certification Program. According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), Data and AI will experience the highest annual growth rate for job opportunities, making this program an ideal launchpad for an in-demand career. 

The SAS Certification program through the Macquarie Business school offers two free courses for study:

1.       SAS® Visual Analytics 1 for SAS® Viya®: Basics

2.       SAS® Visual Analytics 2 for SAS® Viya®: Advanced

These training courses are ideal for students who are technical specialists in the fields of data science, computer engineering, IT, and full stack web development. The program is well-recognized, and, as recent analysis performed by job site shows, SAS skills within job postings are increasing.

Students can also access SAS Viya for Learners as part of this partnership. SAS Viya for Learners is a full suite of cloud-based software that supports learning analytics, visualization, and artificial intelligence, including machine learning, across the analytics lifecycle—from data to discovery to deployment—by orchestrating the analytics life cycle with a balance of choice. The focus is on accessing the data you need and applying the most appropriate analytics and control—applying governance and allowing for scale, across all data, analytics, and talent investments. 

Global MBA students can sign up for free and quickly and access the SAS Certification Program as part of the Global MBA Program. Macquarie University and SAS strongly recommend that students who are new to the IT sector, or who do not have proficiency in descriptive statistics, complete the GMBA8023 Generate Insights unit before continuing onto the SAS material. Students completing the SAS courses will receive a SAS Learn Badge. 

Additionally, students have the option of taking the exam to become an SAS Certified Specialist: Visual Business Analyst and earn their SAS Certification badge. SAS makes this exam available to students at a 50% discount (subject to local country pricing).  Note – the discount is available to all students excluding India and China, and is not exclusive to the MQ MBA program.

The Global MBA curriculum is designed to build six cross-disciplinary management capabilities highlighted by the World Economic Forum as skills needed in the workplace of the future:

  • Leading
  • Strategising
  • Analysing
  • Influencing
  • Adapting
  • Problem solving 

The course also features a stackable model that allows students to earn certificates and start learning before committing to the full program.

Graduates of the Global MBA program who pass the required exam will also qualify as SAS Certified Visual Business Analysts and will be listed as such in the SAS Certified Professional Directory, which is regularly accessed by employers and recruitment agencies across the globe.

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