December 10, 2022

The Grinfer Online Learning Platform Announces the Launch Of an Online Courses Affiliate Program


Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 24, 2020 — Grinfer, the global marketplace for online learning and teaching, announced the launch of the online courses affiliate program. Once you join Grinfer’s affiliate program and become an affiliate, you’ll be receiving payments and earning cash generated from 30 % commission. And this is just for a start. Commission can go up to 35%, depending on how many sales you had through your tracking links. Just get those referral links, place them on your online resources for promotion, and make money. More courses people buy on Grinfer with your referral links – more money you make with commission and special bonuses. Youll get a 30-day cookies lifespan during which your leads will be trackable for 30 days. You’ll be receiving your commission during this trial every time somebody comes to Grinfer’s website through your referral links and clicks on a “buy” button.    

Affiliates get referral payouts to either Visa or Mastercard accounts in the middle of each month (on the 15th). You’ll get paid for the purchases made in the previous calendar month with the minimum amount for withdrawal – $100.

“An online business is becoming an important source for generating income. Earning money to pay bills with an affiliate program can be a great way to stay afloat in uncertain circumstances caused by global pandemia and economic decline. We decided to provide this business solution to our future affiliates and make it even more profitable by giving out cash bonuses and running frequent contests with additional payouts. 

Our goal is to make Grinfer not only the most comfortable place for lifelong learning, but also a place that provides opportunities for earning money with our affiliate program. says the Grinfer representative Julia Abbasova.


The Grinfer affiliate program is expected to attract more people in, get more learners on board, online teachers, and consultants. By launching its affiliate program, Grinfer also wants to spread the word out about its services and opportunities.  

So, go to Grinfer’s website for more information about how to become Grinfer’s affiliate

About Grinfer


Grinfer, the global marketplace for e-learning, teaching, and consulting. While being a digital storefront for online courses, the platform also allows providing 1-on-1 consultations and teaching individual lessons on an hourly-paid basis to users worldwide. 


For learners, Grinfer offers on-demand online courses and individual consultations with instructors all in one place to help get in-demand skills. For instructors, the platform is the all-in-one space to teach, consult, mentor, and make an impact while sharing knowledge and experience. 


Founded in 2019, Grinfer is privately held and headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.




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