December 2, 2020

Trending online courses in business, data science, tech, and health

With more world-class content launching every week, there are always new topics to explore, new skills to learn, and new ways to achieve your goals. These latest courses, Specializations, and Professional Certificates cover everything from product management and AI in healthcare, to remote management, accounting, and sales development. What will you learn next?


Real-World Product Management Specialization from Advancing Women in Product (Sponsored by AWS)

Learn product management (PM) from the technology leaders who hire PMs! Develop the same product management skills that entry-level PMs use every day at Silicon Valley startups and industry giants like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

Facebook Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate from Facebook 

Learn the industry-relevant skills required to land an entry-level job in social media marketing in this five-course program, jointly developed by digital marketing experts at Aptly and Facebook.

Salesforce Sales Development Representative Professional Certificate from Salesforce and SV Academy

Explore a rewarding career in the tech sales industry. Tech sales is a fulfilling field for ambitious problem-solvers who like to win, and it’s a lucrative career as well. By earning this Professional Certificate, you’ll put yourself on the path to an in-demand role as a Sales Development Representative on the front lines of the tech space—connecting with customers and clients, and coming up with the right solutions for their problems.

Excel Fundamentals for Data Analysis from Macquarie University 

Excel, with its extraordinarily broad range of features and capabilities, is one of the most widely used programs for quickly and accurately analyzing data. In this course, you’ll learn how to use a range of Excel tools and functions to clean and prepare data for analysis, automate data analysis with the help of Named Ranges and Tables, and use logical and lookup functions to transform, link, and categorize data. Data analysis is a highly in-demand skill, and this course offers an ideal opportunity to learn one of the most important industry tools.

How to Manage a Remote Team from GitLab

Remote management is much more than just implementing a work-from-home policy. In this course, you’ll learn and apply remote work best practices, build your remote work policy, and prepare your team for success. GitLab is one of the world’s largest all-remote organizations, and experts from throughout the company will guide you through in-depth lessons for leaders, people managers, and HR professionals to build, manage, and scale.

Inclusive Leadership: The Power of Workplace Diversity from University of Colorado System

In this course, you’ll explore the meanings of inclusion and why inclusion is important for promoting workplace diversity. You’ll also learn about the six signature traits of highly inclusive leaders, and how to implement a variety of inclusive communication practices within the workplace. 

Managing Supply Chain Disruption During COVID-19 from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

In this course, you’ll learn about why and how supply chains become susceptible to a disruption. You’ll examine this by discussing supply-side and demand-side issues, as well as primary supply chain flows, complexity, risk management, and a combination of solid theoretical supply chain perspectives and current real-world stories. You’ll also learn about the structural, relational, and operational factors that come into play during a supply chain disruption and the mechanisms for the effective management of these factors. You’ll enhance your understanding through examples from manufacturing and health contexts, and the PPE supply chain disruption during COVID-19.

Leading the Modern Day Business Specialization from the University of Virginia and Boston Consulting Group 

The modern-day business is a dynamic enterprise, and business leadership now requires a variety of essential skills, ranging from design thinking and digital transformation to product management and IT. In this Specialization, taught by top-ranked Darden School of Business faculty and Boston Consulting Group global management experts, you’ll learn these essential skills and concepts, and what they mean for companies and businesses.

Entrepreneurship: Growing Your Business Specialization from University of Virginia 

Growing a business requires a dynamic set of skills, including leadership, employee management, strategy, planning, finance, accounting, ethics, accountability, and profitability. In this Specialization, led by top-ranked Darden faculty, you’ll explore growth challenges faced by private businesses while learning these essential skills. 

Introduction to Finance and Accounting Specialization from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

In this Specialization, you’ll get an introduction to corporate finance and accounting, with an emphasis on application to a wide variety of real-world situations spanning personal finance, corporate decision-making, and financial intermediation. You’ll also learnhow accounting standards and managerial incentives affect the financial reporting process.

Data Science

Machine Learning for Everyone with Eric Siegel Specialization from SAS

Harvard Business Review has called machine learning “the most important general-purpose technology of our era.” In this Specialization, you’ll benefit from an expansive machine learning curriculum that’s relevant to business-level learners and technology practitioners alike. You’ll learn both state-of-the-art techniques and business-side best practices.

IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate from IBM

Gain job-ready skills for an entry-level data analyst role in this beginner-friendly Professional Certificate program from IBM and position yourself competitively in the thriving job market for data analysts. Learn the core principles of data analysis and gain hands-on skills practice. You’ll work with a variety of data sources, project scenarios, and data analysis tools, including Excel, SQL, Python, Jupyter Notebooks, and Cognos Analytics, gaining practical experience with data manipulation and applying analytical techniques as you advance through the curriculum.

IBM Machine Learning Professional Certificate from IBM

This intermediate-level Professional Certificate from IBM is ideal for anyone interested in developing skills and experience to pursue a career in machine learning. You’ll learn how to leverage the main types of machine learning: Unsupervised Learning, Supervised Learning, Deep Learning, and Reinforcement Learning. You’ll also complement your learning with special topics, including Time Series Analysis and Survival Analysis.

Machine Learning Rapid Prototyping with IBM Watson Studio from IBM

In this course, intended for practicing data scientists, you’ll progress through the creation of an end-to-end automated pipeline built by Watson Studio’s AutoAI experiment tool. You’ll learn the underlying technology at work, as developed by IBM Research. The focus will be on working with an auto-generated Python notebook. 

Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) Specialization from DeepLearning.AI

Get an exciting introduction to image generation with GANs, charting a path from foundational concepts to advanced techniques through an easy-to-understand approach. You’ll build a comprehensive knowledge base and gain hands-on experience in GANs while training your own model using PyTorch, using it to create images, and evaluating a variety of advanced GANs.

Learn more in this panel discussion with GANs experts or in this Q&A with instructor Sharon Zhou.

Advanced Statistics for Data Science Specialization from Johns Hopkins University 

Fundamental concepts in probability, statistics and linear models are primary building blocks for data science work. If you’re an aspiring biostatistician or data scientist, this Specialization offers an ideal opportunity to understand the behind-the-scenes mechanisms of key modeling tools in data science, including least squares and linear regression.

Digital Signal Processing Specialization from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne 

Take digital signal processing from theory to practice in this four-course Specialization. Discover discrete-time signals and analyze them with the Fourier transform, manipulate signals with filters, move back and forth from the analog to the digital world, and learn about digital data communication and real-time DSP.


SRE and DevOps Engineer with Google Cloud Professional Certificate from Google Cloud

In thishis program, you’ll learn the skills you need to advance your career as a data engineer and get training to support your preparation for the industry-recognized Google Cloud Professional DevOps Engineer certification. You’ll also have the opportunity to practice key job skills using Google Cloud to build software delivery pipelines, deploy and monitor services, and manage and learn from incidents. You will learn to apply SRE principles to a service, as well as techniques for monitoring, troubleshooting, and improving infrastructure and application performance.

Coding for Everyone: C and C++ Specialization from the University of California, Santa Cruz 

This Specialization is intended for all programming enthusiasts, as well as beginners, computer and data scientists, and artificial intelligence enthusiasts seeking to develop their programming skills in the foundational languages of C and C++. Through the four courses — two in C, and two in C++ — you will cover the basics of programming in C and move on to the more advanced C++ semantics and syntax, which will prepare you to apply these skills to a number of higher-level problems using AI algorithms and Monte Carlo evaluation in complex games.


AI in Healthcare Specialization from Stanford University

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming healthcare and improving processes in a variety of areas including research, diagnosis, treatment, operations, and training. Whether you’re a tech professional focused on innovative new applications of the technology, or a healthcare professional using those innovations on the front lines of patient care, having an understanding of how AI can impact the future of healthcare can be advantageous. 

In this new Specialization from Stanford University, you’ll explore the current state of healthcare, discover how AI can be ethically employed to make a positive impact, and evaluate various applications of AI technologies.

Drug Development Product Management Specialization from University of California San Diego 

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are spending years and millions of dollars developing drugs or promising new biologics, all with the hopes of saving or enhancing patient lives. In this Specialization, you’ll gain in-depth insights about the process of drug discovery, drug development and drug commercialization.

Neuroscience and Neuroimaging Specialization from Johns Hopkins University 

Taught by Johns Hopkins University, this Specialization combines the strengths of four different neuroscience courses into a cohesive learning experience. You’ll get the chance to familiarize yourself with fundamental concepts in neuroscience, like Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), neurohacking (in R), neuroimaging, and more.


Modern and Contemporary Art and Design Specialization from The Museum of Modern Art 

Explore the art and ideas of our time. Develop a deeper understanding of artists’ and designers’ processes, and gain confidence in looking at and talking about art. Through original films and audio, you’ll go behind-the-scenes to look closely at artworks and into studios to hear directly from artists, designers, curators, and others. This Specialization is ideal for anyone who would like to learn more about modern and contemporary art. No prior knowledge is required. Enroll to receive invitations to virtual events, gain exclusive access to MoMA resources, and share ideas with an international learner community.

Whether you’re at the beginning of your career journey or looking to enhance your skillset to make a mid-career transition, you’ll find ample opportunities to gain new knowledge across these new offerings, and depending on your life and career goals, you’ll can choose from a range of learning experiences to find the courses and programs that are right for you.

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