LC WAIKIKI – We produced 40 million masks per week

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Carrying out its activities with the mission of “Everybody deserves to dress well”, LC Waikiki continues to support by producing 40 million masks per week to fulfill the emerging needs without profit making purpose, after granting 2.5 million masks to the Ministry of Health in terms of mobilization against the epidemic. During the fight against the coronavirus, starting off by saying that “everyone has the right to be good”, LC Waikiki delivers the masks manufactured to the Ministry of Health.

LC Waikiki gives strong support to the mask manufacturing for combating against the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in Turkey. By taking all the necessary measures in the production area, LC Waikiki organized throughout its own plants and suppliers in Turkey, produces 40 million masks per week without profit making purpose and delivers the masks to the Ministry of Health.

From the first date it was launched with the mission of “everyone deserves to dress well”, LC Waikiki mobilized all its resources as the Turkey’s leading fashion retail brand in order to attain #healthydays (#sağlıklıgünlere) together.

LC Waikiki donated 2.5 million masks produced to fulfill the need for the mask that emerged with the beginning of the outbreak. Since the need is still present, LC Waikiki continues to produce masks in its own facilities and with the hundreds of contract manufacturers and its tens of thousands of employees.

LC Waikiki, which shares the production of the mask with the public with a special film, said “From the bottom of our hearts, we thank our hundreds of producers and tens of thousands of devoted clothing workers, who have supported this mobilization. We believe with all our heart that we will survive these days since we are joining hands”.

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