July 6, 2022

How To Clean Brazilian Hair, Malaysia hair and Peruvian hair?


Do you know how to clean the hair wig correctly after wearing it for so long? Maybe some people still don’t know that huamn hair wigs also need to be washed. To keep the huamn hair wig neat and comfortable, you need to clean the hair wig regularly.
Different human hair have different cleaning methods.Today we will tell you how to properly clean Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, and Peru’s hair.


  • Cleaning of Brazilian Hair

  • Cleaning of Malaysia Hair

  • Cleaning of Peruvian Hair

Cleaning of Brazilian Hair

1.First use a wide-tooth comb to gently comb Brazilian hair. The curled part of the wig can be slowly separated by hand. In the process of combing with a wide-tooth comb, do not comb your hair from beginning to end, start from the tail, then comb the middle part, and finally comb the upper part.
2. Prepare clean water at a moderate temperature. If the water is too hot, it may damage the hair; if the water is too cold, the dirt on the hair may not be washed away. The ratio of cold water to hot water is about 4:6. This water temperature is more suitable for washing human hair.
Soak all the Brazilian human hair in water and let them sit for 10 to 15 minutes. It is not recommended to soak for too long, otherwise, it may cause some hair strands to fall off.
3. Shampoo: After soaking, change the water, take it out and drain the water. Spread high-quality shampoo evenly on the Brazilian wig, massage and rub the wig, so that the shampoo will dissolve the dirt in the wig. Then rinse off the shampoo thoroughly with clean water.
Conditioner: Apply a high moisturizing conditioner to the hair. Wrap it in a very damp towel. Let the conditioner stay on the hair for 10-30 minutes. Then rinse off the conditioner thoroughly to avoid residual material from damaging the wig.
4. Dry the hair. Natural air drying is the safest and most damage-free method. If you don’t want to wait too long, you can use a hairdryer. Remember to avoid overheating during use.

Cleaning of Malaysia Hair

1. It is recommended to use a wide-tooth comb or soft brush to comb Malaysia hair from bottom to top to gently remove any tangles and keep Malaysia hair smooth.
2. Wet the Malaysia hair with warm water and apply shampoo evenly. Use a suitable shampoo, which can reduce Malaysia hair tangles and maintain the moisture balance of the Malaysia hair. Massage the hair gently, do not scrub it too hard to prevent tangles.
3. Apply moisturizing, sulfate-free, and alcohol-free conditioner to Malaysia virgin hair to keep hair smooth and shiny. Spread the conditioner with a wide-toothed comb, let it sit for 5-10 minutes, and rinse thoroughly.
4. Air-dry or blow-dry hair. When air-drying, you can apply the fake to a flat surface, and then gently tap the excess water. You can apply a small amount of hair oil on the Malaysia human hair to ensure smooth and silky hair. If you want to blow-dry the human hair, please make sure to use a heat-resistant spray before drying to extend the life of the human hair.
We recommend washing them every week or once a month.

Cleaning of Peruvian Hair

1. Before washing Peruvian hair, gently moisten the hair with warm water, and gently comb the Peruvian human hair with a soft brush. It is recommended to comb the hair from top to bottom to clear the knots.
2. Use suitable shampoo. This helps to minimize tangles in the Peruvian human hair while maintaining the moisture balance of the human hair.
Do not rub the Peruvian virgin hair in circular motions, but gently scrub from top to bottom. Try to fully massage the shampoo onto each strand of the human hair. Then rinse off the shampoo completely.
3.Dilute some conditioner in a basin, then soak the hair for 30 minutes to 1 hour and gently comb the Peruvian virgin hair with your fingers. Rinse again with warm water so that the human hair can be better cleaned.
4. Use a fan or blower. Be careful not to use too high a temperature for the hairdryer to avoid damage to Peruvian hair. You can apply a heat protectant first, and then blow-dry the hair at a lower temperature. This can effectively extend the life of the Peruvian virgin hair.
Or you can lay your hair flat on a clean dry towel and let it dry completely.

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