October 21, 2021

ZTG Introduces Product to Increase the Effectiveness of Topical CBD Products

Addressing the needs of an aging population and a downturned economy, ZTG has developed a unique product that harnesses the power of far-infrared heat and ultrasound waves to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of topical CBD oils and lotions.  After years of research and development, the recently released CBD Wand maximizes the holistic and medicinal healing properties of CBD products by targeting discomfort with focused infrared heat and ultrasound waves.  The product increases speed of absorption, rate of absorption, localized blood flow, and thus the associated healing process.

“This is one of the most exciting advances in holistic healing on the market today,” said Sara Hobart, Marketing Director at ZTG.  “Our team has worked tirelessly to develop a product that helps individuals suffering from a variety of ailments live a healthier and more rewarding life, all while being mindful of their budget.  By enhancing the effectiveness of their CBD products with the CBD Wand, our customers can save money on CBD products, possibly reduce their visits to the doctor’s office, and maybe even eliminate expensive prescription costs.”

Staying true to their company mission of offering affordable science-backed products designed to improve their customer’s quality of life, ZTG also developed a natural, proprietary ultrasound jelly delivering therapeutic nutrients that add to the CBD absorption and enhance the effectiveness of the CBD Wand.  Zeta Technology Group also developed the Zgel patch to deliver additional relief after treatment, and offers a comprehensive kit including all three products exclusively on their website.

ZTG is amongst the foremost authorities on far-infrared and ultrasound technology and is committed to creating affordable solutions to drive healthier, happier, pain-free lives for their clients.  Working with clients on an individual basis and collaborating with like minded, mission-driven CBD retailers alike, ZTG provides the most reliable CBD enhancement tools and products on the market.

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