October 27, 2021

4 Days Only! 61% Discount On All Templates

The biggest sale of this summer on Flatlogic kicks off. We give you a 61% discount on any of our products. If you are following our news, you may have already noticed that we have released an unusually large number of products for us over the past year. Let’s take a look at all the 2021 releases in this post.

Sofia React Admin Template

Made with React.js & BootstrapFully-documented codebaseBeautiful charts made with ApexchartsError pageReact Bootstrap Tables

Ready-To-Use E-Commerce Template 

Server-side renderingSEO moduleBlog and CMS for itRegistration with email / password / nameStripe integrationNode.js & PostgreSQL integrated

Sing App Vue Laravel Template 

E-Commerce SectionDoctrine ORM with PostgreSQL and MySQL supportSass and Vuex insideUser Management with admin/user rolesJWT based authorization

Vue Material Laravel Template

Vue RouterVue CLIDoctrine ORM with PostgreSQL and MySQL supportUser Management with admin/user rolesJWT based authorizationSocial logins (Google and Microsoft ID)

Angular Material .Net Admin Dashboard

E-Commerce SectionNo jQuery and Bootstrap.NET Core 3 & MS SQL Server integratedAuthenticationFour colors themesModular architecture

Sing App React Java Admin Template

CRUD ApplicationJava & PostgreSQL integratedSpring, JDBC, Swagger inside


As you can see, these templates are made with JavaScript. JavaScript is a multi-paradigm language that supports event-driven, functional, and mandatory (including object-oriented and prototype-based) programming types. Originally JavaScript was only used on the client side. JavaScript is now still used as a server-side programming language. To summarize, we can say that JavaScript is the language of the Internet.

What is JavaScript Framework? Why we use frameworks for our templates?

Frameworks are JavaScript programming libraries that have pre-written code for use in common programming functions and tasks. It is the foundation for building websites or web applications around.
Let’s start with why do we need JavaScript frameworks? Coding is quite possible without using them, but the right environment can make things a lot easier. Moreover, they are free and open source, so there is no risk.
This will increase your productivity in the first place. Consider this as a kind of workaround: you have to write less code by hand, because there are already pre-written and ready-to-use functions and templates. Some of the components of the website do not have to be custom made, so you can create and extend the pre-built components. Frameworks are more responsive for website design and are preferred by most website builders.

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