October 27, 2021

All e Technologies: Top Microsoft Dynamics 365 business central solutions Partner in India, US, Australia, UK

In this era of technology, every business is searching for a set of tools and applications that can help them expand their profits and productivity. Alletec helps in providing solutions to such companies through the Intelligent Business applications. Alletec has designed its Dynamics 365 Business central solutions and services in such a way that it can help small and medium sized organizations take their business on a whole new level.


Alletec with the help of Microsoft dynamics 365 business central solutions has the capability to manage the finance, supply chain, human resources, project management, manufacturing, service order management, and customer relationship management.


Alletec helps in uniting Companies and Customers, Factory and Field Service, StoreFront and Supply Chain, Patients and Providers, People and Governments by setting coordinated operational system of ERP,CRM, Mobile apps and allows business to gain actionable insights from data.


Alletec covers almost every Industry and has shown functional and technical expertise. Healthcare, E-commerce, construction and project, Retail, Hospitality, Travel, Discrete Manufacturing, Process Manufacturing, and Channel Management are the Industries for which Alletec has built solutions.


Alletec has constructed a hybrid-agile technique for implementation project and provides a 24×7 helpdesk support to the clients having multi-country operations. In last two decades, Alletec has successfully delivered complex and large customer engagement projects.


Alletec has executed over 700 projects in more than 30 countries. Alletec has built a trust of the customers by helping them succeed in last two decades. Alletec is amongst the largest and most prominent Microsoft Dynamics partner from India.


To get in touch with All e Technologies, reach us at: info@alletec.com

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