December 10, 2022

How to Register Your Company on WeChat and WeCom


If you run a business, you may wonder how to register your company on WeChat and WeCom. To register, you first need to create a WeChat admin account and complete the basic company information. Then, if you want to take advantage of advanced features, you will need to provide documents such as a business license, trademark, and bank account.

WeChat Connector

The WeChat Connector for WeChat and WeCom is a software solution that lets you import items from mobile communication apps to your Microsoft 365 mailbox. It does so by creating a folder and mapping based on the User’s Email address property of the communication app. It also supports custom mapping. To customize the mapping, you will need a CSV file that contains the mobile number of the user and the corresponding Microsoft 365 mailbox address.

WeChat Connector for WeChat and WeCom can be used in business or personal communication. It is designed to help companies connect internally and with their ecosystem partners and consumers. It can be used on both iOS and Android devices and is free of charge to download.

Group template function

The Group template function on WeChat and WeCom is a great tool for increasing the efficiency of group communication. This function allows you to send personalized messages to a group of people, with a single click. You can also send group welcome messages and personal greetings. These messages are published on customers’ Moments information streams and can be viewed by clients on their personal information pages. The binding company’s Video Channel is also supported in Moments and can be set to display on client’s personal information pages. By doing this, more clients can see how the company works.

WeCom offers customized solutions for companies to better serve their users on WeChat. It offers users a rich OA experience, reliable storage, and central management of member information.

Syncing messages with Salesforce CRM

If you are looking for a way to sync your WeChat and WeCom messages with your Salesforce CRM account, we’ve got you covered. You can now connect your WeChat and Salesforce users, and your WeChat contacts can be linked to your Salesforce Contacts, Leads, and Person Accounts. You can use this information to generate more values in your Salesforce CRM.

To start syncing WeChat and WeCom messages with Salesforce CRM, you first need to configure a WeChat account. This is done in the Channel details page. Then, specify your WeChat account’s Developer ID, password, and Message encryption key. From there, you’ll want to configure the callback information page.

Archiving messages and call recording

Message archiving in WeChat and WeCom can help you keep a record of conversations between people. This can be used for regulatory compliance or service quality review. This feature is free and easy to use. To use it, you need to sign in to WeCom and then click on the Message Archiving feature on the backend menu. After signing in, you need to select the type of messages you want to archive.

You can also use the WeChat call recording to record call conversations.

Managing customer lists

WeCom, a leading enterprise software solution in China, is a popular platform for businesses to manage customer lists. It offers a user-friendly platform, reliable storage, and centralized management of member information. Using WeCom is a good option for businesses looking to take advantage of the huge audience of WeChat users.

With the help of WeCom, your sales people can add customers to their lists and offer them services through private or group chats. WeCom also allows companies to protect their customer lists, preventing their employees from taking them with them. You can also use WeCom’s API for easy access to WeChat functionality and data.

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