September 18, 2021

Huawei Commits to ISOC MANRS Equipment Vendor Program

                   Huawei Commits to ISOC MANRS Equipment Vendor Program

We are pleased to announce that Huawei is participating in the ISOC MANRS equipment vendor advisory group. The key objective of ISOC MANRS (Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security) is to gain industry-wide agreement on best practices for secure routing across the Internet through coordinated action by many parties.  

As emphasized by MANRS, the continuing growth of the Internet and its greater complexity call for a step up in the spirit of collaboration across the Internet. MANRS aims to provide a global reference point for this collaboration with and through partners. This can be achieved by raising awareness, promoting collective responsibility, and demonstrating the industry’s ability to pursue resilience and security, while providing a concise security baseline for operators and other relevant actors to implement.

MANRS has started with a group of network operators coming together to define a minimum set of recommendations – actions – that is essential for addressing security and resilience issues of the global routing infrastructure. Network operators that take these actions will establish a common baseline for routing security and resilience, from which others can build and which many will immediately surpass.

Not only network operators have responsibility and can contribute to routing security. Other parties, like IXPs and CDNs play a very important role in facilitating a more secure Internet infrastructure. Providing an opportunity for their participation in MANRS allows them to not only to leverage their specific place in the ecosystem, but also engage a wide variety of actors.

Moreover, equipment vendors play an important role in improving security of the routing system. Availability of security controls, ease of configuration, and support are just a few areas where their contribution is essential.

In this context Huawei commits to fulfill the ISOC MANRS actions listed in the below table.

Scenario ProgramAction
1Network Operators

CDN and Cloud Providers Action1. Prevent propagation of incorrect routing information

Action1. Prevent propagation of incorrect routing information
2Network Operators

CDN and Cloud Providers Action 2: Prevent traffic with spoofed source IP addresses

Action 2. Prevent traffic with illegitimate source IP addresses
3IXPsAction 1. Prevent propagation of incorrect routing information. (Route Server)
4IXPsAction 3. Protect the peering platform (layer 2)

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