January 18, 2022

The Best Free Video Editing Software for Windows – MiniTool MovieMaker



Usually, in the context of video recordings, product and promotional videos, tutorials and explainers, made at the request of a specific user, come to mind. You must have already heard about tools useful for processing video editing. To make your selection easier and to give you a 360-degree overview of the software you can consider, I am listing only one this time of my detailed feelings.

Whatever the purpose of you recording video materials, you want them to look professional, watch it well, and enjoy your audience. If so far you have been limited by the need to use online video processing tools, today I will deal with another name of free video editing program, which is also very user friendly – MiniTool MovieMaker. Thanks to it, you can edit and process videos literally effortless, from the level of a very beginner or a professional user and make them available immediately after finishing the work.

About MiniTool MovieMaker


MiniTool MovieMaker is currently working as a standalone desktop program, which is currently available only for Microsoft Windows platform, but hopefully it will change in the near future to expand to devices working on other operating systems/platforms. It allows you to add music (either your own or a backing from your library), transitions and automatic color correction.

You don’t feel confident in video editing or you need to quickly select the best scenes from your footage? Switch to the well-ready templates of the program and to choose the transitions and trim a video.

MiniTool MovieMaker is completely free of charge and with no watermark in the final videos, nothing stands in the way of looking for its counterparts that have already been created and still appear in some top brands of its type.

From the beginning to the end of the video, there are appropriate sliders, thanks to which you can adjust any section of your video. There are options already appeared on the video upload screen (where you enter the title, description and tags). You have a preview of exactly where you are editing the video all the time. Depending on the functions available in the program, video editing will work perfectly.


At the moment, there is no universal video editor that can handle all video formats, MiniTool MovieMaker supports most formats in both importing and exporting videos. I look forward to the further development of the MiniTool MovieMaker and extending it with more video editing options.

The Art of Assembly – There is No One Way to Get There

These are many things you need to know about how to make a stunning video out of raw materials. Remember that a lot depends on how creatively you approach creating and editing, while still keeping an eye on the material from the perspective of the people who will be viewing it.

Editing a video is a field that can be improved throughout life. It is so because, like any field of art, it is a matter of discretion – there is no one right path to the goal. Very often, the most interesting effects arise from experiments, cases, and combining things that do not seem to fit together. Trial and error in combining shots is still one of our working tools. However, tool like MiniTool MovieMaker helps a lot, the awareness of which, in my opinion, allows you to edit better videos.


Support Tutorial

The MiniTool MovieMaker online help blogs discuss current topics related to industry news and video editing such as ‘How to do color correction in your videos’. The portal serves the exchange of views and experiences on the creation, functions of programs and obtaining useful tips.

I think MiniTool MovieMaker already has the possibilities to create such a tool – the best possible free video editing software for Windows.

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