January 27, 2022

Top 10 Angular Material Admin Dashboard Templates


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Angular is a worldwide known framework for creating web applications. It goes in two different versions – Angular or AngularJS. And, each of them has its peculiarities.

AngularJS was built in 2009 and using it will show you, how data changes in JavaScript can automatically be shown on the UI. AngularJS also makes it possible to create reusable and separated code. Angular 4 was created in 2016, the coding became faster, so their developers decided to build a new framework, which was based on TypeScript and has standard directives, used differently.

Material Design

Material Design is a design language developed by Google. Unlike a programming language, a design language is not a technical solution that you have to comply with if you’re working with it. It’s more of a guideline system that shows how to maintain a visual and UI style. 

Admin dashboard developers rarely prioritize design and user experience. Admin dashboards are usually viewed as means of business communication that’s not aimed at end-users, and the no-nonsense, minimalist approach to design is understandable. However, the visual experience plays a huge part in how data is perceived. The dashboards in this article are compliant with Material Design. This is an unobtrusive, minimalist design pattern that sits well with most users. Furthermore, Material makes any integration with Google services (which is a popular scenario) smoother and more intuitive.

This detailed review shows the best angular templates on the market and their main characteristics. 

Angular Material Dashboard

Image source: https://flatlogic.com/templates/angular-material-dashboard/demo

This is one of the perfect examples of a template built with Angular based on JavaScript. It can be a perfect choice for any kind of web applications due to its stylish design and responsive layout. In Angular Material Dashboard design developers used three main colors – red, green, and white, so it is not overloaded and nice to look at.

The template has a great number of advantages – its loads fast and is easy to navigate, which will help new users. The dashboard includes visualization of site visitors, the number of warnings, memory load, Server Control Panel and usage stats. It also has a ready-to-use profile page and table to help you see your work progress. Angular Material Dashboard is free, has full documentation and also goes with support, so you don’t need to worry about it. 


Fuse Angular 

Image source: http://angular-material.fusetheme.com/apps/dashboards/analytics

If you need your web application to look professional and powerful, this template will suit you well. It has all the essential apps and pages, which makes it a great choice for your project. The power of Typescript and Angular CLI will help you to deploy and develop any kind of application. You don’t need to spend hours to understand how to design your pages, which stricture will be the best – everything is ready to use, so you can start coding right from the beginning.

Various application examples will make your life more simple – you will have contacts, calendar, chat, mail, to-do list, scrum board, file manager and other options. The code is clean, well-structured and has comments to help you, so this template will be good for both beginners and advanced developers. The layouts are flexible – simple and complex layouts can be created and used together. The main advantage of the Fuse Angular is its simplicity and the enormous amount of different built-in applications and pages. 


Angular Admin Dashboard Template

Image source: https://ng-admin.mdbootstrap.com/dashboards/v1

Angular Admin Dashboard will be a great example of an Angular built template. It has various styles of dashboards, fine visualization of data and all main components for your web app. This free template is fully responsive and goes with 400 UI components, more than 600 material icons, different templates, tutorials, so your work on the app-building will be easy and comfortable. The developers made this template fully free for both commercial and personal purposes. There are 4 available versions of the Angular Admin Dashboard – the default MDBootstrap jQuery, MDBootstrap Angular, MDBootstrap React and MDBootstrap Vue. The template goes well with all modern browsers, always updated to suit the modern requirements and easy to use right after the download. One of its essential characteristics – it doesn’t use jQuery, the script was rewritten in TypeScript.



Image source: https://www.akveo.com/ngx-admin/pages/dashboard?theme=material-light

This Angular dashboard template is definitely the famous one – it has been used by many developers across the world. It contains more than 40 Angular Components, so you can start working on your app as soon as you download the template. What makes it special among the templates in this list is the availability of the Material theme, which is backward-compatible. Ngx-admin is built with Angular 9+ and Nebular to suit any need for your application. The design is simple and your app will look stylish and modern. You can choose one of the 6 visual themes, which can be configured as you wish – Default, Material Dark, Material Light, Dark, Cosmic and Corporate. The layout is fully responsive. Ngx-admin goes with full documentation and you even can use the empty starter kit, if you don’t need all the pages.


Vex – Angular 10+ Material Design Admin Template

Image source: https://vex.visurel.com/?layout=vex-layout-apollo&style=vex-style-default

Vex is a well-designed and structured template, which goes with various amounts of different features, full support, documentation and lifetime updates for everyone. You can choose one of the beautiful styles, which will help to introduce your app in the best possible way – it can be modern, clean, contrast, dark or light. This creative template will provide you with anything you need to start working. All can be easily customized – you can remove or add any components, pages or folders due to modular structure. Flex-layout helps the layout be as flexible and fast, as you require. Vex includes more than 4000 icons, beautiful charts, various widgets, notifications, Google Maps. Among the list of pre-built apps, you can find calendar, chat, contacts and data table. There are many ready-to-use pages, such as the page of authentication, profile, FAQ, coming soon landing page, errors and so on. 


Angular Material Admin

Image source: https://demo.flatlogic.com/angular-material-admin/#/dashboard

This brilliantly coded template is what you need if you are looking for Angular built one. It doesn’t have jQuire and Bootstrap, is fully responsive, fast and easy to navigate, so it will be a good choice for any type of apps. It contains nicely looking charts, which are based on Amcharts and Apexchars, and a lot of graphics, so you can easily visualize your data. Angular Material Admin has a basic dashboard, tables and notifications bar, so everyone, both beginners and advanced users will find the customization easy and simple. The dashboard includes essential information about app performance, number of visits, server overview, revenue breakdown, daily line chart and other graphics, which will make the data look clean and understandable. Among UI components the template will provide you with various icons, charts, and map. Notifications can be easily customized and you choose one of the few position options. All of these features make Angular Material Admin one of the best options for your app.


Atrio – Angular 10+ Material Design Admin Dashboard Template

Image source: http://www.radixtouch.in/templates/admin/atrioangular/source/light/#/dashboard/main

If you need a modern and elegantly designed template – try to check Atrio. Atrio is fully supported and is based on Angular Material UI 10.0.0, which makes it quick and smooth. You can boost your project with a lot of different apps – calendar, task, e-mail, chat, list of contacts and others. You can choose two kinds of layouts – dark or light, according to your needs. This awesome template is fully responsive and is also compatible with AOT and has 3 types of the dashboard. The template goes with 7 color skins, so you can adapt it for your app. The code is clean and commented to make your work easy and simple. It also has 10 ready-to-use pages and 18 UI components.


Material Admin Angular

Image source: https://www.bootstrapdash.com/demo/material-admin/angular/preview/demo/dashboard

One of the crucial features of this template, which makes it an interesting option in this list – is Google’s Material Design guidelines. Built with Angular 8 it provides a great number of all essential UI components and layouts to make your app look the best. Material Admin Angular goes with full support, so you don’t need to worry about any troubles. The template is famous worldwide – more than 10 000 users liked it. This template is easily customized, has ready-to-use components, so both beginners and advanced users will be satisfied. Material Admin Angular goes with full documentation and 1-year premium support. You can purchase a regular version, or upgrade it to the developer providing multisite or the extended version. 


Triangular – Material Design Admin Template AngularJS

Image source: http://demo.oxygenna.com/triangular

The next template in this list is Triangular built with AngularJS 1, using Google’s Angular Material Design project. If you are a beginner and looking for a template to learn AngularJS – you can definitely choose this one. The code is clean and easy to understand; the structure of the template is well-organized, so you will find everything you need to start working. This fully responsive template provides you with 5 dashboards, various example applications, and pages designs and also goes with 6 template layouts. The updates are fully free and you can use the premium support.


Primer – Angular & React Material Design Admin Template

Image source: https://primer.fusepx.com/angular/

The last template in this review is Primer built with Angular 8. What makes it different – is the availability of either React version or Angular. It can suit well for SAAS, CRM, dashboard-based projects. The design is elegant in its simplicity – the template goes in light and dark colors. Primer is fully responsive, has documentation and the customization of it will be easy and smooth. What is more, it also has a language translation. You can use some built-in applications, such as calendars, media, messages, chats. The 5 ready-to-use pages will help you to start working on your app as soon as possible.


As is often the case, after the article’s release we kept researching the market and came across many solutions that either hadn’t existed before or needed a closer look to catch our attention. There were no real game-changers that would shift positions in our rating but there were a few interesting entries. Next up is the one we found the most noteworthy.

Fully Angular Admin Template

Source: https://angular-templates.io/product/fully-angular-admin-template?rel=nofollow

The Fully Angular Admin Template is highly modular. It has no non-Angular extensions, which reduces the risk of backfiring dependencies. The Fully Angular has CRM and eCommerce admin panels, analytics, charts, cards, and more. If you visit the template’s web page and look for the list of features, you’ll see each of those has multiple sub-options and variants.

After seeing and trying as many templates as we have, it’s easy to jump to some conclusions. For example, such an arsenal of components gives an impression that many of them are unnecessary and are only there to make the product impressive on paper. But as we tried the template out, each component quickly gained our ‘Feature, not gimmick’ verdict. The component hierarchy is easy enough to navigate. Controls remained intuitive as we delved into the depths of Fully Angular Admin Template. And the template’s authors promise further support and feature creation. The Fully Angular is a very complete package and comes at a reasonable price of $39.

About Flatlogic

Creating web applications for a business has never been more important than it is today. But neither has it been easier. The rich selection of admin dashboards brings plenty of options. Furthermore, web-building solutions grow progressively easier to install and maintain and require progressively less special training.

Finally, there’s plenty of website builders and other constructor-based software that lets you create web platforms from scratch and in as much time as it would take you to install a template. At Flatlogic platform, you can try our own Web App building solution. Pick the technologies for the admin panel, back end, and database. Pick the design. Finally, adjust the schema, or all the columns and types of data in them, and the relationships between them. Click ‘Create’ and you have your very own headless CMS. That’s a web application minus the end-user interface which you can also create with block editors.


Those were our top picks of Angular-based Material Admin Dashboard Templates. They have similar design patterns and are based on the same underlying framework but are very different in everything else. Pick ones of your liking or visit Flatlogic platform to create your own Headless CMS from scratch. As always, feedback is welcome. Find more articles, news, and insights on our blog!


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