July 6, 2022

China Unicom Beijing: Technological Intelligence at the Winter Olympics


China Unicom Beijing is serving as the official communication service partner of the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

The service provider is committed to delivering an intelligent Winter Olympics through SmartLink private lines. And to deliver an intelligent Winter Olympics, China Unicom Beijing is implementing the concept, “Hi-Tech Winter Olympics Connects the Future.” The core objectives are to enable safety, multimedia formats, smart applications, energy reduction, and technology. As a result, we can expect an intelligent network experience during the Winter Olympics.

Autonomous Vans

Intelligent traffic steering lowers latency and ensures safe autonomous vehicles

China Unicom Beijing will bring a first-ever smart campus experience to attendees. In the Shougang campus, visitors will be able to sit in autonomous vehicles to get around the campus. They can simply wave a hand to stop an unattended autonomous van on its path, and then use Digital Currency Electronic Payment (DCEP) to get started. Each unattended van automatically adjusts its path based on road conditions and crowd density.

These experiences rely on ultra-low latency. China Unicom Beijing uses the latency-based routing and latency map algorithm for WDM private lines. Through intelligent traffic steering, the system automatically recommends the link with the optimal latency and bandwidth. The operator applies intelligent technology and super slicing on air interfaces to identify services and minimize Wi-Fi latency to 10 ms, thereby achieving zero waiting time in campus automation.

Smart speed-up

Smart speed-up allows BoD and zero frame-freezing of HD videos, removing the need for applications to upgrade bandwidth.

The Winter Olympics will cover 39 venues, including 12 competition, 3 training, and 24 non-competition venues. Sports events will be broadcast on 4K high dynamic range (HDR), while 8K UHD signals will cover the opening and closing ceremonies, freestyle skiing, snowboarding, short-track speed skating, figure skating, and other events.

To avoid users having to upgrade their bandwidth at a customer service center that may put them offline for several hours, China Unicom Beijing is providing a smart speed-up capability to automatically identify traffic bursts. When traffic volume reaches the threshold, the private line rate automatically increases without manual intervention. This capability depends on the OSS/BSS domain integration capability of iMaster NCE, which enables big data analysis on traffic, agile bandwidth upgrades, and intelligent service link provisioning.

By offering high-quality services, China Unicom Beijing customers will be able to view the games with unprecedented clarity, providing an immersive experience of the ice- and snow-powered events.

Private lines

Private line SLA assurance and OLT+PeOTN golden pipes ensure smooth experience, eliminating frame freezing in pivotal movements of sporting events.

If many devices are accessing the Internet, one might suddenly disconnect. In other cases, like in the bathroom, a signal is simply unavailable. Each instance is extremely frustrating, and something we’ve all experienced. China Unicom Beijing is committed to providing customers with advanced network technologies and intelligent network assurance capabilities. If frame freezing occurs on a normal network, the freezing is more often than not caused by historical alarm logs and network interruptions that aren’t properly managed or analyzed. The private line SLA (service link assurance) feature of iMaster NCE archives abnormalities such as network congestion periods and interruptions, which the operator can analyze and handle on an intelligent cloud terminal. As a result, fault risks can be identified in advance, and notice can be provided for O&M personnel to proactively optimize the network and improve the sub-health status.

When many devices are using the Internet or Wi-Fi coverage is poor, network speed tends to be low and user experience poor.

To protect against this kind of situation, China Unicom Beijing is using new equipment to deploy OLTs and PeOTN at the same site and implement seamless interconnection. PeOTN super uplink technology is introduced to provide E2E exclusive “golden” pipes for home broadband, delivering a superior Internet access experience. The operator also configures intelligent Wi-Fi 6 active/standby gateways to identify high-value services such as live broadcasts and HD videos and transmits them through dedicated channels. This enables home Wi-Fi acceleration, ensures key services, and achieves multi-channel UHD live broadcast without frame freezing.

Locate faults on a map

As a service provider for two Olympic Games, China Unicom Beijing has adopted advanced network technologies, strict network planning, and smart operations for network construction of the Winter Olympics.

On an optical network, faults frequently occur due to loose optical interfaces or fiber cuts caused by external factors. It’s difficult to locate faulty lines, which greatly affects network recovery. The iMaster NCE can perform intelligent analysis on network transmission abnormality frequency and accurately determine fault types to guarantee optical network health. Optical fiber links are displayed on a GIS map, where fiber fault points can easily be marked. SMS messages are sent to nearby O&M personnel, and breakpoints can be quickly handled, minimizing fault recovery time and ensuring network security and stability.

Network intelligence allows customer to enjoy an outstanding experience of zero-touch subscriptions, zero-wait provisioning, and zero network faults. Inspired by intelligence, China Unicom Beijing will fully implement its service concept for delivering an intelligent Winter Olympics and fulfil its mission of connecting the world to innovate and sharing good and smart living.

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