September 24, 2021

Know an Untold Story before Taking Elephant Ride at Amber Fort


Elephant Ride at Amber Fort

Here is an untold story you should know before taking an elephant ride at amber fort. Let’s together know an untold story before taking an elephant ride at an amber fort. Whenever travelers plan a trip to Jaipur. They tend to add some adventures and activities to their tour package. So, when travelers book Jaipur sightseeing tour packages, they mostly ask the tour operator to add an elephant ride at amber fort.

Main Place to Visit on Sightseeing

You can find a huge list of places to visit in Jaipur but Amber fort is the most famous. And it is also considered as the main place to visit for sightseeing.

Elephant Ride

“Elephants Break Too” is a documentary that premiered at the DLF Cyber ​​hub on October 11th. It was created by the international animal welfare charity – World Animal Protection. Before taking an elephant ride at Fort d’Ambre, look into their eyes there is an untold story of pain!

The organization brings out the pain, agony, and suffering of more than 100 elephants used for tourist walks at Amber Fort in the Pink City of Rajasthan.

The baby elephants at Amber’s Fort are taken from their mothers’ elephants at a childish age. And they are forced to observe the terrible training process known as a “ crush ”. Elephants at Amber Fort, which is a main sightseeing heritage site and a symbol of esteem and luxury.

The fact is “Elephants are wild animals and they deserve to be in the natural habitat like a wildlife sanctuary. Amber Fort in Jaipur City is no place for an elephant. It is not their natural habitat. We need to end the elephant rides at Amber Fort.

Currently, more than 100 elephants are working in the appalling conditions of the fort. Of which 19 are blind and 10 suffer from tuberculosis. Every day, these creatures are forced to carry the weight of tourists for hours, ultimately harming their skin and causing muscle injury.

The screening was followed by a dance and theater performance featuring the daily struggles of elephants.

Also “The current circumstances of elephants in captivity are indefensible. This program is therefore a plan to raise public responsiveness to the troubles of captive elephants in India. And also in particular at Amber Fort. We hope that more people will be made conscious of the huge suffering impose on these elephants in Jaipur. And Say no to elephant rides and stay away from elephant activities.

The suffering of these elephants does not end when tourists return home. When not taking tourist walks, these elephants are cruelly chained and prevented from socializing, grazing, or even moving freely, resulting in mental stress and painful injuries.

World Animal Protection India’s core team also ran a quiz with the public to raise awareness about elephants and wildlife in India.


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