September 24, 2021

The Bootstrap Themes Coupon Code (50% OFF)


Bootstrap Themes Coupon Codes

Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template with 2021 coupon – Get 50% OFF!

Sing App HTML5 dashboard is a fully responsive admin template built Bootstrap 4.2.1 and pure Javascript (No frameworks). On average it will save you around 400 man-hours in development time. You can use Sing App HTML5 template to build any type of web applications like SAAS, CRM, data analytics software, investment dashboards, etc.


Flatlogic One is a completely new product made with Bootstrap 4.5. The template is very suitable for building analytics and data tables applications. Flatlogic One admin dashboard delivers customizable Bootstrap components for creating modern responsive web applications. The template made with 4 themes: Orange, Red, Green, and Blue. The navigation is on the left sidebar and the main content is at the center-right panel. With this template, you receive a complete solution for your web application. No need to design, setup, and develop a new application. All components are already developed by the team of experienced engineers, product owners, and designers.


Light Blue Dashboard is a world first transparent admin template built with Bootstrap and pure Javascript (No frameworks). It works great with all range of devices: starting from small mobile to large desktop ones. You can use Light Blue to build any type of web applications like SAAS, CMS, CRM data analytics software, project management systems, etc.


  • Over 30 unique pages
  • Fully responsive
  • Three color schemes
  • Deep background
  • 8 Chart Libraries
  • Developer Oriented Dashboard
  • Easily Customizable Widgets
  • Fully Documented Codebase
  • And even more coming soon!
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Why I need Bootstrap admin dashboard templates?

Bootstrap is an HTML, CSS, and Javascript toolkit for building responsive beautiful websites and web applications. You can use Bootstrap to develop responsive, carefully crafted Bootstrap themes and templates.

Bootstrap admin dashboard templates with prebuild components

At Flatlogic We have developed a wide variety of well-crafted Bootstrap admin themes and templates with many prebuilt components and built with the help of the latest bootstrap libraries such as Bootstrap calendars, Bootstrap tables, Bootstrap charts, and others. Purchasing and downloading one of our templates you will get a fully working web application template with the following Bootstrap components: calendar, widgets, tables, icons, buttons, alerts, charts. These bootstrap dashboard templates are fully tested and well documented. Additionally, with the help of the Flatlogic website you can choose what best suits your needs — bootstrap vs material UI.

Fast development with bootstrap admin dashboards

Bootstrap templates and admin dashboard themes with hundreds of components help you jumpstart simple or complex applications in one day. Millions developers worldwide choose Bootstrap admin templates and bootstrap admin dashboards to build their web, mobile applications, SAAS, and e-commerce platforms faster by saving time on UI and development. 

Bootstrap admin dashboards promo codes

Supremearticle gives you the most beautiful, free and premium bootstrap admin dashboard templates and control panel themes based on Bootstrap 3 and 4. Use promo code FLATLOGIC50 and save up to $150

Top Bootstrap dashboard template for web development in 2021

We selected best Bootstrap admin templates for your next project. This list includes Bootstrap admin templates with 50% discount

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